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TIDAL Connect is now preferred TIDAL client app for Cary Audio streamers

Due to changes at TIDAL our mobile control app Cary Streamer 2.0 will soon be unable to access TIDAL API (Application Programming Interface). As we already described in our TIDAL Connect knowledge articles (here and here) Wi-Fi casting via TIDAL Connect feature of TIDAL’s own mobile or desktop app offers maximum functionality and convenience for controlling Cary Audio DMS streamers and AiOS complete system. The TIDAL Connect feature also is and will be available as a direct link inside Cary Streamer 2.0 app. Native TIDAL App with TIDAL Connect becomes a much more flexible control tool compared to what the …Read More

Cary SI-300.2d reviewed in Hi-Fi Voice (CZ)

Hi-Fi Voice is the largest online audio magazine in Czechia, founded in 2008. The original review by Jiří Petrák is in Czech language but for the sake of reaching a wider audience we translated it into English. Below is some key paragraphs and conclusions from this translation*. For tech specs and features see our product catalogue: SI-300.2d integrated amplifier. I like Cary Audio. Sure, it’s a subjective affection that I’ve interpreted as “our shared warmth towards vacuum tubes”, but in this case that argument doesn’t apply, times change and we change with them. The component under review is pure solid …Read More

Cary DMS-650 network player gets Diapason D’Or award in France

At Gala night presented by French magazine Diapason, the ultimate authority for classical music (and hi-fi) in the country, our own Cary Audio DMS-650 streaming player/DAC got the annual Diapason d’Or award as one of the best products of year 2023. Diapason magazine have tested more then 180 hi-fi and high end products to select the very few applicable for the Diapason d’Or, which could be translated as ‘Gold In-Tune award’. The Cary DMS-650 network player was reviewed in collaboration with on-mag.fr (read it here online or download a PDF file, in French).

HiFi.nl reviews Cary Audio DMS-650, 700 & 800PV network players

Since 1999, Hifi.nl has been an important website for hi-fi news, reviews and features in Dutch. Readers in the Benelux are well aware of their efforts to bring independent journalism to the Dutch-speaking part of Europe. Recently, hifi.nl reviewed Cary Audio’s current line-up of network players/streamers, which makes for an interesting comparison between products from the same manufacturer, but at quite different price points. Werner Ero is a freelance journalist and photographer who writes for hifi.nl and Music Emotion magazine. His original Dutch review of the Cary Audio DMS-650, DMS-750 and DMS-800 PV streamers is available online here. For the …Read More

Cary DMS-800PV Customer Review

Genuine user experience by Cary Audio customer Frank P., who purchased DMS-800PV Network Audio Player. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the kind words, Frank! Cary Audio DMS-800PV I purchased a new DMS-800PV two months ago. As an audiophile, over the years, I’ve gone through a lot of component upgrades while evolving my listening preferences along the way. Gone are the days when uber-definition, emphasized bass, and sizzling treble with questionable musicality put a smile on my face. This has been replaced by a balanced presentation, a clear view into the music, tonal accuracy, body, and a natural soundstage. …Read More

Positive Feedback magazine reviews SLP-98P preamp

Gary Lea, a reviewer for Positive Feedback magazine, delves into the joys of adding a Cary Audio tube pre-amp to a system based around Cary Audio CAD-805 power amps. The matchmaking begins… Original review published on Positive Feedback website. Lay-out of the version below is slightly changed to fit our website theme. We also added a description of Gary’s system. Audiophiles that might be reading this are most likely very familiar with Cary Audio, originally the brain child of Dennis Had who is something of a legend in our industry. The venerable Cary 805 Mono Block Power amplifiers are legendary, …Read More

Visit Cary Audio at Munich High End, May 18-21

Cary Audio returns to the international hi-fi event of the year in Munich, Germany. Popular Munich High End exhibition will run from May 18 to May 21, 2023 at M.O.C. Exhibition Centre (Lilienthalallee 40, 80939, München). Visitors will find MGY Oü/Cary Audio Booth in Hall 3, stand P08 (to download Hall 3 provisional floor plan as a PDF file, click here). Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19 are trade-only days, pre-registration required. Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21 the Exhibition is open to the public, tickets need to be purchased online. OPENING HOURS Thursday: 10:00am to 6:00pmFriday: 10:00am to 6:00pmSaturday: …Read More

AiOS & DMS Firmware/Feature Update

All DMS and AiOS users, past and present…a new update is coming soon! Be on the lookout for a firmware/feature update and a complimenting App update. Please know that when you update one, you must also update the other. This should start rolling out in about a week or so. What’s new? A lot. In particular, an expansion of the “Connect” features of streaming services. What’s included depends on the model DMS you have. This update will bring parity to all, so let’s run down the list! DMS-650, DMS-700, and DMS-800PV users. This update removes the Spotify API and replaces it with …Read More

DMS-700 Gets Distinction Award in Poland as Best Streaming DAC 2023

Polish magazine Hi-Fi i Muzyka gives Cary Audio DMS-700 a Distinction award for 2023. That’s what the magazine editors have to say: Combining a streaming network player with a DAC Cary Audio DMS-700 offers quite a few hi-tech features alongside solid audio engineering. The main distinctive feature is its DAC chip which is used in ‘multibit’ R2-R mode. A switched resistor network with current output is responsible for D-to-A conversion. Technical performance and engineering is top notch here. Colour display and phone app provides easy functionality or one can use Roon for control and music info. Musically the unit is …Read More

SLI-80HS Tube Amp is Product of the Year in Poland

This amp has been around for ages, writes Hi-Fi i Muzyka magazine, but still the award we decide to give is not a ‘lifetime achievement’ or ‘perseverance’ award. This is a wonderful (and careful) remake of a classic amp to make it sound more dynamic and open with a newly designed power supply (solid state). So this is next generation integrated from Cary Audio and it deserves the coveted Product Of the Year award! With lower negative feedback (–4 dB) and new power supply the amp has improved in clarity while preserving this magical palpable stereo soundstage, immediacy and delicacy …Read More