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New DMS-700 is Roon Ready

Good people at Roon Labs have announced that Cary Audio brand new network player DMS-700 is now officially Roon Ready certified. While the DMS-700 is not yet available in EU it’s good to know that the player will be functioning as intended with your Roon core. Watch this space for pricing and availability of thew new Cary Audio DMS-700 due to arrive to our warehouse soon. Update: DMS-700 is available now

Cary Audio DMS players and AiOS get firmware update

New firmware is available for the DMS-500/550/600 network players and AiOS ‘all-in-one’ internet-connected system. Please be sure to read the “Updating” and “Control App” sections to ensure a proper and complete implementation. DMS-500/550/600 Customers This new firmware implements a new sign-in method to online music streaming services as well as some background enhancements to the firmware. Also, there are some enhanced features of the app, such as the ability to rearrange queue lists via drag and drop, Play Next function, and a few other additions. AiOS customers …how about a little Qobuz and enhanced MQA! Big news for AiOS customers! …Read More

Photographer Lee Shelly is also a Cary Audio customer

His system has been evolving for quite a few years. As a photographer Lee has many clients and does some product photography for manufacturers stateswide. Lee also had the opportunity to sample the best hi-fi available in the US while reviewing for several audiophile publications. Shelly’s ‘Big Rig’ system now includes VPI Avenger Plus turntable, ModWright phono pre and preamp, Odyssey Kismet power amp feeding Joseph Fudio Perspective2’s speakers. Digital is handled by a Cary Audio DMS-550. Headphones are Dan Clark Audio Ethers driven by a Schiit Audio Mjolnir. Cables are all Audioquest.

Coming soon: the new DMS-700 network player

The Cary Audio DMS-700 represents a significant step forward in network and internet music streaming sound reproduction, while further solidifying the DMS platform and range of products as the absolute best there is for network audio. This new model opens a new digital development path since it’s based on a different DAC chip architecture. While the DAC is made by AKM as it was in previous generations players, in DMS-700 Cary Audio uses not a Delta-Sigma bitstream chip but a R2R (ladder) DAC. R2R architecture is tricky to implement so we designed a ‘support’ code-based DAC extension, programmed in a …Read More

Comparison Tool for You: Our Integrated Amps

Cary Audio is known for its integrated amplifiers. We get a lot of questions about the differences in the various models. They are all very different and serve different applications depending on needs, room attributes, speakers, and listening preferences. We hope the below chart will help delineate the differences so that you can choose the right integrated amplifier for you.     SLI-100 SLI-80HS CAD-300SEI SI-300.2d AiOS DESIGN Tube Tube Tube Solid State Solid State CIRCUIT Class AB Class A/AB (switchable) Class A Class AB Class AB POWER 100 watts per channel 40 (A)/80 (AB) watts per channel 15 watts …Read More

Cary Audio DMS-600 network player reviewed in Stereonet

Stereonet is a web-based publication produced in two country-specific editions: UK and Australia/New Zealand. Mark Gusew puts the DMS-600 streamer through its paces down under! Well? What could’ve been a stress test comes out as a pleasure test! Full original review is available on stereonet website. Here we repost most of its key points and some photos. North Carolina-based Cary Audio has spent over thirty years building an exceptional reputation from its classy vacuum tube amplifiers. It more recently has branched out into digital home theatre products – and now streamers too. Cary Audio has clearly put a lot of …Read More

A Review of a Customer System in Pasadena, California

Here is a little story how a Cary customer has come to know Cary Audio music system and how his audio system took shape bringing lots of musical pleasure all the way. Mr. M. Shelton now lives in the USA, town of Pasadena, California. This is what he wrote in a letter to Cary Audio, USA: ” I spent some time in North Carolina when working at Duke University. What I call the little mecca of HiFi Audio in the surrounding area of Raleigh/Durham, I was fortunate to receive additional education from one of the cofounders of Cary Audio, Dennis …Read More

CEO Billy Wright interviewed by MastersOfHiFi.com

MastersOfHiFi.com is a new webzine focused on interviewing the creators of hi-fi & high end audio equipment. The original interview went online March 31, read it at source if you like. We reprint it slightly abridged. Cary Audio is an American audio designer who offers a whole range of high performance Hi Fi equipment: High audio performance, tube or transistor amplifiers, cd players, digital audio converters, tubes… Billy Wright, CEO, answers our questions. Can you introduce Cary Audio in a few words? Cary Audio’s core activity is the design and manufacture of high performance audio components comprised of tube, solid …Read More

Beautiful Customer System Photo with DMS-600

“The DMS-600 and SLP-05 have been in place in my system for a little over a year. I continue to be astonished by the synergy between these two components and with the rest of my system. Musicality, transparency, detail, imaging, soundstage width, depth and even height…all are deeply satisfying. I listen to FLAC, DSD, and MQA via Roon; the DMS-600 handles all of them without compromise and is the most natural digital source I have owned. he SLP-05 receives balanced inputs from my DMS-600 with the Volume at 0 so as to restrict its output to industry standard +-2V and …Read More