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SoundStage! reviews Cary SLI-100 tube integrated amp

Fresh off the presses of SoundStage! Australian office comes a review written by Edgar Kramer. You are most welcome to browse the original review location at soundstageaustralia.com but here we reprint a few key points: Austere, stark, unembellished… yet aesthetically truthful, functionally honest. They’re the terms which came to my mind as I unboxed the matter-of-fact SLI-100 integrated amplifier from Cary Audio. The design seems non-superfluous, stripped of excess and devoid of unnecessary decoration. But with a purposeful, regimented functionality to provide music. Does the SLI-100 deliver on its direct, straightforward promise? What’s Needed and No More In my experience, …Read More

Amazing All-in-One: My-hiend.com reviews Cary AiOS

Many thanks to Leo Yeh for a wonderful review of our versatile All-in-one system AiOS. Excellent photography as usal, Mr. Yeh! For my-hiend.com this is the first ever Cary Audio product on review and while Cary is famous for its tube designs this one is all about high tech digital, streaming, D to A conversion. And of course the price point is mush much less than the usual High End equipment. Nor it is packed like a usual high end product in a bland carton. AiOS is shipped in a bright and merry white box with lots of colour and …Read More

Celebrating 30 years in business! Message from Billy Wright, Cary Audio

Cary Audio is proud to announce that we are celebrating 30 years in business! Cary Audio was created in 1989 to fill a void felt to exist in the meaning, purpose, and emotional impact of musical reproduction in our homes. Two of the most important events in the long history of Cary Audio was the creation, in 1989, of the CAD-300SE. The CAD-300SE was a single-ended, Class A, zero feedback triode amplifier. And in 1992, the creation of the CAD-805. The CAD-805 has long been considered the Grand Master of the Cary Audio sound and is still in production to …Read More

Stereophile magazine reviews Cary SLI-80HS tube amp

True to the Heritage: Ken Micallef gets to know our SLI-80 integrated amp now in Heritage Series incarnation. What’s the difference between old style SLI-80 and current state of affairs? To make sound snappier and more dynamic we moved from tube to solid state rectification. Did it work? Read on… To read full article purchase or go to Stereophile’s website. Down below we will quote some of it: “The primary change with the SLI-80HS was to move from vacuum tube rectification to solid-state rectification,” Cary Audio President Billy Wright told me in an email. “Solid-state rectification adds excellent pace and …Read More

Cary DMS-550 network player reviewed in Sound & Vision

Fresh off the presses is this new review by Al Griffin, an American Hi-Fi industry anchor and all-in-all knowleadgeable source for things audio. Sound & Vision magazine gives our DMS-550 a top pick award and a 5-star performance rating. Read on here

DMS Tutorial Videos Updated

Tutorials for our high end network music players DMS-550 and DMS-600 are now updated and collected on one page. Produced by Cary Audio USA these videos will guide you through everyday operation of the unit as well as doing other tasks like updating the firmware. Everything is there. Click here and watch for your benefit! Notice: it might take some time to load all videos on that page.

First review out for new VT-500 phono stage

Positive Feedback magazine gets hands-on experience with Cary Audio new phono stage. VT-500 reviewed by Robert H. Levi in issue 104. Original review is here. The new Cary Audio VT-500 Phono Preamplifier, based on the venerable 6SL7 tube and the most expensive phono preamp Cary has ever manufactured here in America, takes its place as the most successful phono stage from this 30-year-old company. Musical and melodious to the max, moving coil cartridges are treated to powerful amplification with ultra-low noise and unhearable distortion. My more expensive references are no more flexible or quiet than Cary Audio VT-500. With four …Read More

Coming Up: VT-500, New Phono Stage with External Power Supply

Cary Audio has always supported playback of vinyl records, and today there is a revival of the LP as a serious format, both for audiophiles and for the general music public. With the new VT-500, even the most demanding vinyl enthusiast will realize this exotic unit is dedicated to nothing short of incomparable vinyl playback. The VT-500 is a vacuum tube stereo phono preamplifier utilizing four (4) 6SL7 dual triode tubes. The RIAA equalization curve is derived from a passive RC circuit located between the two gain stages. The VT-500 uses a fully regulated power supply housed in a large …Read More

Iconic SLI-80 amp is now available in Heritage Series edition

For many years the SLI-80 integrated amplifier has been the standard by which all other vacuum tube integrated amplifiers are judged…period! As Cary Audio’s entry into the magic of vacuum tube music systems, it’s nothing short of stunning. Thousands of music lovers all over the world have heard and seen the virtues of this spectacular vacuum tube integrated amplifier. The new SLI-80HS (Heritage Series) maintains the integrity of its past. Its circuit uses very little feedback which gives it incredible transparency and detail in the music while providing bass texture and impact that belies its rated power output. Solid-state rectification …Read More

AiOS tutorial videos updated

Tutorials for AiOS combo unit (digital streaming player + DAC + analogue class AB amp) are now updated and collected on one page. And it’s HERE!