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About Us

Cary Audio was founded in 1989 with a firm commitment to producing the very highest quality two-channel tube equipment, and we continue to innovate and lead the industry in this market sector. Our dedication to accurate and lifelike reproduction of music has led to many awards and rave reviews all over the world. Our efforts are guided by the knowledge that we sell not just audio gear, but rather a means to enjoy music and video entertainment.

After spending many years in research and development, Cary Audio brought out a line of digital home theater products to complement our music systems. Sharing the same hallmark sound quality, whether used for surround sound or stereo music, these processors and amplifiers have quickly garnered a reputation as the finest sounding home theater systems in the world. With the same fanatical insistence on achieving low noise and low distortion, selecting the best quality parts and the very latest in digital signal processing for both audio and video, sourced from the most respected suppliers, Cary Audio has succeeded in once again not only raising the bar, but setting a new standard for entertainment systems. Taking digital design a step further, Cary Audio is now introducing a new generation of source components that allow streaming of music to and from a network, easy archiving and enjoying a large CD collection, and accessing the myriad of music available via Internet radio.

Guided by CEO Billy Wright, with his unswerving insistence on quality and performance, and by constantly listening to our dealers and consumers, Cary Audio stays at the leading edge of our fast-developing industry. As we have evolved from strictly two-channel purist music systems into cutting-edge digital home theater, we have remained true to our dedication to produce the finest A/V equipment on the planet. Whether you listen to a brand-new surround processor, or a tube preamp and amplifier that were developed 20 years ago, you’ll experience the comfort of knowing that you have invested in Cary Audio, the very best!

In the last 10 years, Cary Audio has expanded the business and segmented the products into two different Series, each with its own specialty or focus. New products include a music server, DAC, and surround processors for the Home Theater industry. The core business of tube products and 2 channel components continues to set the standard in the high end audio marketplace. The two product categories are:

The Classic Series offers audiophile products with time proven innovation, technology and materials that bring the glorious classic Cary sound to the 21st century.

The Cinema Series offers breathtaking video and sound quality for home cinema lovers. The Cinema products are easily integrated with complete home automation systems.


Cary Audio is a leader in vacuum tube technology and continues to maintain that leadership role, as we expand into other markets.

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