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Spotless tips: keep your hi-fi clean

Audio gear can get dusty and dirty over time, as we all know! Below are cleaning tips for your Cary Audio products. Make sure your unit is turned off before cleaning.   Matte Finish Units:Use a clean, soft microfiber cloth that has been lightly misted with Windex (non-ammonia), and gently wipe the exterior for casual dusting and cleaning as needed. Never spray the unit directly. Gloss Finish Units:A clean, soft microfiber cloth lightly misted with a liquid automotive detailer spray (such as Meguiar’s Quik Detailer Mist or similar) for general dusting and cleaning. Gently wipe. Then use a dry soft microfiber cloth …Read More

TIDAL App now can control Cary streamers via TIDAL Connect Wi-Fi casting

Cary Audio is pleased to announce the integration of TIDAL Connect for the DMS-650, DMS-700, and DMS-800PV network audio players. TIDAL Connect allows you to use TIDAL’s mobile or desktop app instead of the Cary Audio Streamer 2.0 app to access TIDAL. By using the TIDAL app and Connect features, you can browse and play all your TIDAL music from the TIDAL app and TIDAL ecosystem for a much richer TIDAL experience. TIDAL Connect allows for a direct connection to the TIDAL servers while making your phone, tablet, or computer a remote control. Unlike Airplay or Bluetooth, the audio stream …Read More

DMS-800PV streamer gets Gold award in France

You will be golden if you stream high resolution music with Cary Audio newest top-of-the-range network player DMS-800PV! French magazine Diapason gave it the highest award Diapason d’Or (Gold). Diapason is an authoritative French language magazine of classical music recordings, which started circulation way back in 1956. It has a hi-fi section written and edited by prominent reviewers. The Diapason d’Or (Gold Diapason) annual award goes for best classical music releases of the year and its sibling, the Diapason d’Or Hi-Fi, for best hi-fi. So now you know which streamer/network player is considered best in 2022… Here’s a few quotes …Read More

Dave’s cave (customer system)

Cary Audio customer, Dave M., was kind enough to share information and photos of his different sound systems featuring multiple Cary Audio products.  “My main system includes a pair of CAD-805AE monoblocks equipped with 845 tubes and a pair of CAD-300SE monoblocks. They are both connected to an SLP-98L F1 preamp. I connect the CAD-805AEs or the CAD-300SEs to my Klipsch LaScala II speakers depending on the type of music I listen to. I also have a pair of CAD-45SE monoblocks and the CAD-2A3SE monoblocks I just purchased from you that arrived today. I will be setting up the CAD-2A3SE …Read More

Comparing our music servers

Welcome to the Family The DMS family is growing, and we couldn’t be prouder!  The addition of the New DMS-650 and DMS-800PV makes for fitting bookends to the DMS-700.  While the new DMS-800 Professional Version builds upon the remarkable DMS-700 to further immerse you into the musical experience, the new DMS-650 ups the ante in our DMS entry point. With the introduction of the new DMS-650 as our entry model, you may be asking yourself why the nomenclature isn’t DMS “500” something in keeping with the “500” series.  Well, its quite simply a matter of performance.  While DMS-550, used AKM4493EQ …Read More

30 years at the helm

Did you know? Cary Audio’s CEO, Billy Wright, has owned the company for 30 years. He came on board not long after Dennis Had founded the company. In 2009, Dennis decided to retire, making Billy the company’s sole owner. Cary Audio is one of the only privately owned companies in the high-end audio industry. Our factory is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we have 19 employees, shipping worldwide. We love what we do and enjoy sharing our wonderful products with all music lovers to experience and enjoy. Keep up the good work, Billy!

SLP-05 preamp video review

Legendary Cary Audio tube pre-amp can now be subject to a massive upgrade (‘Ultimate Upgrade’). Steve Huff, a professional photographer and serious tube amp audiophile, decided to reach out to Cary Audio to get some hands-on experience with the updated pre. What does the ‘Ultimate Upgrade’ actually do to this classic pre-amp? Well, it is a gentle but effective component revision and soup-up which while preserving the original sonic signature also enhances its sound in many directions. The power supply will now have new smoothing capacitors with huge increase in filtering (extra 1200 µF) on B+ rail (high voltage), new …Read More

Stereophile names Recommended Components 2022, three Cary amps made the list

Stereophile magazine’s Recommended Components list is a comprehensive collection of noteworthy high end audio, divided into categories like Digital Players, Pre Amps, Power Amps, Integrated Amps and so on. Competing entries are selected amongst components reviewed in the magazine and have to be available through dealers in the USA presently. Cary Audio products always were one of this magazine’s favourites and the 2022 list is no exception (how very fortunate for us here at Cary Audio EU). This time our very own CAD-805RS monoblocks graced the Recommended Power Amps and SLI-100 with SLI-80HS were at the pole position at the …Read More

Steve Huff’s DMS-650 Review

Also featuring SLI-100 tube amp! Steve Huff is a well-known American photographer and reviewer for mirrorless cameras and his website is home for honest real world review. Steve is also a hi-fi aficionado with a 35 years experience so it’s quite natural that he reviews high end audio kit as well. Steve’s reviews cover a broad spectrum of high end audio but his special love are tube amplifiers. He’s been following Cary Audio products since early 90s, and owned quite a few, mostly tube amps, of course, but also a CD player. So it was no coincidence that Steve arranged …Read More

Two ways of using Spotify with new Cary DMS streamers

Did you know your DMS-650, DMS-700, and DMS-800 Professional Version offer multiple ways to enjoy Spotify? Of course, you can access your Spotify account with all the latest and greatest music from your favorite artists, albums, tracks, and playlists using the Cary Streamer 2.0 App. But did you also know you can use Spotify’s own app to play music directly to the DMS-650/700/800PV with the same direct connection to Spotify servers as when using the Cary Streamer 2.0 app, ensuring the best possible audio quality? This is possible by the Spotify Connect feature as offered by these DMS products. If not wanting to use …Read More