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Service Center

Welcome to the Cary Audio Service Center! This is where you go to return a product, get answers to help troubleshoot your product, send a product in for repair, and/or send a product in for upgrades or modifications. To help troubleshoot and solve any issue(s) with your product or to just find valuable information, please check out the following:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Product Troubleshooting Checklist
For specific questions regarding your product or to inquire about Upgrades & Modifications, e-mail techsupport@caryaudio.com.

The online Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) program will allow you to create a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request, review any available Upgrades and Modifications for your component, and track the progress and status of your component.

Please create a new account if you are a new customer or log in if you are an existing customer for assistance in sending a component in for service or checking the status of your component.

Once the account is set up, click “Open New RMA” to begin entering the information to create an RMA that is needed to return a product for repair, upgrade, or modification. At any time thereafter, the customer can log in and select “View My RMA’s” to track the progress of work on the component. The customer will also receive automatic feedback providing them with detailed information for every stage throughout the entire process.

Included is a Support Center, where a “Knowledge Base” button will take a Cary Audio owner to a section on the program in order to provide further information about possible upgrades and service bulletins for their particular product. There will also be an ongoing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to answer questions about our services, how to use them, and updating any service information for future upgrades and modifications.

Non-warranty service: Cary Audio provides for customers its OEM factory authorized services for repairs, upgrades, and regular maintenance utilizing our online RMA Services Program. Services rendered will be charged at $95.00 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour. Time is computed in one quarter hour increments. There is a RMA administrative fee of $30.00 charged to each RMA. Parts and return shipping are additional.

Upgrades specific to a product may be charged on a project basis vs. by the hour. This will be documented in the Upgrades and Modifications section of the website.

Products reach the end of their product life cycle for a number of reasons. However, the primary reason for end of life for Cary Audio products is due to the lack of availability of components / parts inherent to its design. This results in our inability to provide proper repairs to that particular product to bring it up to Cary Audio Standards. Unfortunately, the following products have reached end of life status, and we can no longer continue to service them:

CD 306/200
P7 Processor
CAD 2500

We are always looking to improve our processes, especially as it involves interfacing with our customers. Our new Service RMA package is designed to keep customers in the loop at all times, without having to make multiple phone calls, and we encourage feedback and recommendations to help us fine tune the process.

We appreciate your support, thank you!