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A Review of a Customer System in Pasadena, California

Here is a little story how a Cary customer has come to know Cary Audio music system and how his audio system took shape bringing lots of musical pleasure all the way. Mr. M. Shelton now lives in the USA, town of Pasadena, California. This is what he wrote in a letter to Cary Audio, USA: ” I spent some time in North Carolina when working at Duke University. What I call the little mecca of HiFi Audio in the surrounding area of Raleigh/Durham, I was fortunate to receive additional education from one of the cofounders of Cary Audio, Dennis …Read More

CEO Billy Wright interviewed by MastersOfHiFi.com

MastersOfHiFi.com is a new webzine focused on interviewing the creators of hi-fi & high end audio equipment. The original interview went online March 31, read it at source if you like. We reprint it slightly abridged. Cary Audio is an American audio designer who offers a whole range of high performance Hi Fi equipment: High audio performance, tube or transistor amplifiers, cd players, digital audio converters, tubes… Billy Wright, CEO, answers our questions. Can you introduce Cary Audio in a few words? Cary Audio’s core activity is the design and manufacture of high performance audio components comprised of tube, solid …Read More

Beautiful Customer System Photo with DMS-600

“The DMS-600 and SLP-05 have been in place in my system for a little over a year. I continue to be astonished by the synergy between these two components and with the rest of my system. Musicality, transparency, detail, imaging, soundstage width, depth and even height…all are deeply satisfying. I listen to FLAC, DSD, and MQA via Roon; the DMS-600 handles all of them without compromise and is the most natural digital source I have owned. he SLP-05 receives balanced inputs from my DMS-600 with the Volume at 0 so as to restrict its output to industry standard +-2V and …Read More

Munich High End show cancelled this year

Due to public health concerns the High End 2020 show, planned to be held in Munich this May, is cancelled. This comes after local government issued a warning due to rising number of coronavirus cases in the country. The Show organisers, High End Society GmbH, decided to cancel the show. Their Facebook message went live on Feb 28, followed by a more detailed statement at the official website. The annual High End Show in Munich is a major world scale event in Hi-Fi & High End industry. 21 000 visitors were reported for year 2019. Cary Audio Europe was exhibiting …Read More

This is Powerhouse: Cary SA-500.1 ES reviewed in The Absolute Sound

Kirk Midtskog is no stranger to crossing from tube to solid-state realm and back. Is it really possible to retain a signature Cary Audio tube sound in a powerful solid state amp? Well, looks like Cary Audio can do this, but within certain limits. Read on or visit The Absolute Sound website for browsing this review in full. *** The first brand-new piece of specialty audio gear I bought was a Cary SLM-70 tube power amplifier. It improved on the modified Dynaco Mk III it replaced in every way—better frequency extension, bass control, resolution of details, and soundstaging. It also …Read More

SoundStage! reviews Cary SLI-100 tube integrated amp

Fresh off the presses of SoundStage! Australian office comes a review written by Edgar Kramer. You are most welcome to browse the original review location at soundstageaustralia.com but here we reprint a few key points: Austere, stark, unembellished… yet aesthetically truthful, functionally honest. They’re the terms which came to my mind as I unboxed the matter-of-fact SLI-100 integrated amplifier from Cary Audio. The design seems non-superfluous, stripped of excess and devoid of unnecessary decoration. But with a purposeful, regimented functionality to provide music. Does the SLI-100 deliver on its direct, straightforward promise? What’s Needed and No More In my experience, …Read More

Amazing All-in-One: My-hiend.com reviews Cary AiOS

Many thanks to Leo Yeh for a wonderful review of our versatile All-in-one system AiOS. Excellent photography as usal, Mr. Yeh! For my-hiend.com this is the first ever Cary Audio product on review and while Cary is famous for its tube designs this one is all about high tech digital, streaming, D to A conversion. And of course the price point is mush much less than the usual High End equipment. Nor it is packed like a usual high end product in a bland carton. AiOS is shipped in a bright and merry white box with lots of colour and …Read More

Celebrating 30 years in business! Message from Billy Wright, Cary Audio

Cary Audio is proud to announce that we are celebrating 30 years in business! Cary Audio was created in 1989 to fill a void felt to exist in the meaning, purpose, and emotional impact of musical reproduction in our homes. Two of the most important events in the long history of Cary Audio was the creation, in 1989, of the CAD-300SE. The CAD-300SE was a single-ended, Class A, zero feedback triode amplifier. And in 1992, the creation of the CAD-805. The CAD-805 has long been considered the Grand Master of the Cary Audio sound and is still in production to …Read More

Stereophile magazine reviews Cary SLI-80HS tube amp

True to the Heritage: Ken Micallef gets to know our SLI-80 integrated amp now in Heritage Series incarnation. What’s the difference between old style SLI-80 and current state of affairs? To make sound snappier and more dynamic we moved from tube to solid state rectification. Did it work? Read on… To read full article purchase or go to Stereophile’s website. Down below we will quote some of it: “The primary change with the SLI-80HS was to move from vacuum tube rectification to solid-state rectification,” Cary Audio President Billy Wright told me in an email. “Solid-state rectification adds excellent pace and …Read More