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All tube amp/preamp combination makes dreams come true for YELLOWBOX in Greece

A new review of Cary Audio SLP-98P paired with CAD-120S have just been published in a Greek YELLOWBOX magazine, aptly titled an ‘American Dream’. The review is online (in Greek) and what it is all about!? The glory of tube sound, of course. SLP-98P is a phono preamp which have been in production for more than 20 years and CAD-120S stereop power amp is a perfect match to the preamp if one seeks a high powered drive-diverse tube amp combo. Loosely translated the reviews goes along those lines: In both Ultralinear (120W) and triode (60W) modes Cary CAD-120 can drive …Read More

Cary Audio DMS-700 ‘exceptional sound quality’ as reviewed in Hi-Fi+

Hi-Fi+ is an established print magazine edited in the UK by Alan Sircom. We have sent the review sample to Mr. Eric Neff and were eager to hear what he has to say about our new network audio player in issue 198. And DMS-700 cut the mustard! Very positive review which you can read in its fullness on Hi-Fi+ website or below or alternatively download a PDF version. Cary Audio DMS-700 Network Audio Player The last few years have seen the rise of a new class of audio product, the network streamer. A device that will access your streaming audio …Read More

Hans Beekhuyzen’s YouTube review: DMS-700

Hans Beekhuyzen is a Dutch reviewer based in Utrecht. This video review of Cary Audio DMS-700 network audio player was posted September 17th. The review sample was kindly provided by Van Empel Retail, Consulting & Training. ‘Whatever you play on the DMS-700 — baroque, Beethoven, Ben Webster, Bob Dylan or Black-eyed Peas —it just makes music’ (Hans Beekhuyzen).

Hi-Fi+ magazine August issue is out now (Updated with link to review)

And it has a comprehensive DMS-700 review by Eric Neff. Watch this space while we try to lay hands on a full text to re-print. Otherwise order online at Hi-Fi+ website. For Europe the cost is £6, delivery is free in the UK and add £3 for West European addresses. In the US Hi-Fi+ plus issue 198 will cost $5.99. Eric Neff starts his review with this thoughts about streamers as a recent addition to your hi-fi shelf space: The last few years have seen the rise of a new class of audio product, the network streamer. A device that …Read More

Are Tube Amps Worth the Fuss? Residential Technology Today reviews SLI-80

Henry Clifford of Residential Technology Today in close encounter with a tube classic from Cary Audio. And with horn speakers in his audio system to boot. Will it work? Why not? This review was published on Residential Technology Today website. Click this link to jump to the original review. And it goes like this: Tube amplifiers inhabit a special place in the pantheon of consumer electronics. Just the word “tube” conjures up images of glowing cylinders of awesome. Cary Audio built its SLI-80 Heritage Series Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier to be paired specifically with the Klipsch Heritage Series speaker line, …Read More

New DMS-700 is Roon Ready

Good people at Roon Labs have announced that Cary Audio brand new network player DMS-700 is now officially Roon Ready certified. While the DMS-700 is not yet available in EU it’s good to know that the player will be functioning as intended with your Roon core. Watch this space for pricing and availability of thew new Cary Audio DMS-700 due to arrive to our warehouse soon. Update: DMS-700 is available now

Cary Audio DMS players and AiOS get firmware update

New firmware is available for the DMS-500/550/600 network players and AiOS ‘all-in-one’ internet-connected system. Please be sure to read the “Updating” and “Control App” sections to ensure a proper and complete implementation. DMS-500/550/600 Customers This new firmware implements a new sign-in method to online music streaming services as well as some background enhancements to the firmware. Also, there are some enhanced features of the app, such as the ability to rearrange queue lists via drag and drop, Play Next function, and a few other additions. AiOS customers …how about a little Qobuz and enhanced MQA! Big news for AiOS customers! …Read More

Photographer Lee Shelly is also a Cary Audio customer

His system has been evolving for quite a few years. As a photographer Lee has many clients and does some product photography for manufacturers stateswide. Lee also had the opportunity to sample the best hi-fi available in the US while reviewing for several audiophile publications. Shelly’s ‘Big Rig’ system now includes VPI Avenger Plus turntable, ModWright phono pre and preamp, Odyssey Kismet power amp feeding Joseph Fudio Perspective2’s speakers. Digital is handled by a Cary Audio DMS-550. Headphones are Dan Clark Audio Ethers driven by a Schiit Audio Mjolnir. Cables are all Audioquest.

Coming soon: the new DMS-700 network player

The Cary Audio DMS-700 represents a significant step forward in network and internet music streaming sound reproduction, while further solidifying the DMS platform and range of products as the absolute best there is for network audio. This new model opens a new digital development path since it’s based on a different DAC chip architecture. While the DAC is made by AKM as it was in previous generations players, in DMS-700 Cary Audio uses not a Delta-Sigma bitstream chip but a R2R (ladder) DAC. R2R architecture is tricky to implement so we designed a ‘support’ code-based DAC extension, programmed in a …Read More