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Dave’s cave (customer system)

Cary Audio customer, Dave M., was kind enough to share information and photos of his different sound systems featuring multiple Cary Audio products. 

“My main system includes a pair of CAD-805AE monoblocks equipped with 845 tubes and a pair of CAD-300SE monoblocks. They are both connected to an SLP-98L F1 preamp. I connect the CAD-805AEs or the CAD-300SEs to my Klipsch LaScala II speakers depending on the type of music I listen to. I also have a pair of CAD-45SE monoblocks and the CAD-2A3SE monoblocks I just purchased from you that arrived today. I will be setting up the CAD-2A3SE monoblocks very soon. The CAD-45SE monoblocks were connected to this system for many years. I absolutely love the sound of the 45 tube. The 300B tube is also fantastic and has a little more power and presence. Input devices include the Cary DMC-600SE that I use for CDs and sometimes a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth is strictly for fun, ease of access, and variety, not for serious listening. I also had a VPI Prime turntable with a Benz Wood SL cartridge connected to the SLP-98L via my Cary PH-302 MkII phono stage. Not too long ago, I sent the PH-302 MkII to you folks to rework it, adding additional gain to the MC amplification. You will notice in the photos that I have a Decware Z-Rock. This device is inserted between the preamp and the monoblocks. Sometimes I use the Z-Rock, and sometimes I don’t. I also have a Lumin D2 network music player to stream high-resolution music from Qobuz. And finally, I have a Technics model 1520 2 Track/4 Track reel-to-reel tape player. The 1520 is original and provides fantastic sound when playing high-quality tapes from the Tape Project folks. 

My secondary system is in my den. This system includes the CAD-280SA V12R F1 using EL34 tubes. The V12 is connected to an SLP-98P F1 preamp. The input devices include the Cary CD-303/300 CD player. These three Cary Audio devices were my first Cary Audio products purchased back in 2006. The V12 is connected to a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto Home ‘bookshelf’ speakers on Sonus Faber stands. I also have an Oppo disk player to play other types of music besides Redbook CDs. I sometimes use this system to watch movies as well. The Cary system with EL34 tubes provides such lifelike sound in the human voice range that it makes music and movies a pleasure to listen to. I have tried other home theater systems, and I have found them to be harsh and overbearing, have poor voice clarity, and have way too much bass. I love to play music on this system when I can’t listen on my main system.

The third system is on my loft. This system includes the Audio Electronics Super Amp MkII with 6L6G tubes connected to an Audio Electronics AE-3 MkII preamp. The input device is the Cary Audio DAC-200ts. The ‘Super Amp’ is connected to a pair of Klipsch Heresy III speakers. I also have a Marantz Super Audio DV9500 disk player to play CD and SACD music. Again, this system is also connected to the HD set to watch movies. This small system has superb sound, although I don’t spend too much time with this system. 

I appreciate your interest in my systems. I am happy to share this information as I love the sound they reproduce.”

Have a look at Dave’s system in this picture gallery:

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