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TIDAL App now can control Cary streamers via TIDAL Connect Wi-Fi casting

Cary Audio is pleased to announce the integration of TIDAL Connect for the DMS-650, DMS-700, and DMS-800PV network audio players.

TIDAL Connect allows you to use TIDAL’s mobile or desktop app instead of the Cary Audio Streamer 2.0 app to access TIDAL. By using the TIDAL app and Connect features, you can browse and play all your TIDAL music from the TIDAL app and TIDAL ecosystem for a much richer TIDAL experience. TIDAL Connect allows for a direct connection to the TIDAL servers while making your phone, tablet, or computer a remote control. Unlike Airplay or Bluetooth, the audio stream does NOT travel through the phone, etc., providing for the absolute best quality audio stream, same as using the Cary Audio Streamer 2.0 app for perfect sound. Don’t forget to update your Cary Audio and TIDAL apps!

TIDAL Connect is considered an audiophile-friendly way of Wi-Fi casting since it can be fully transparent, offers gapless playback and MQA Masters support. Since TIDAL App has been available on Windows & Mac desktops and iOS and Android mobile devices for quite some time the learning curve for controlling Cary Audio streamers is now smooth and friendly. Enjoy TIDAL Connect which now automatically finds Cary Audio DMS series as playback devices.

Please read our short setup guide to ensure smooth TIDAL Connect operation with DMS servers.

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