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Hi-Fi+ magazine August issue is out now (Updated with link to review)

And it has a comprehensive DMS-700 review by Eric Neff. Watch this space while we try to lay hands on a full text to re-print. Otherwise order online at Hi-Fi+ website. For Europe the cost is £6, delivery is free in the UK and add £3 for West European addresses. In the US Hi-Fi+ plus issue 198 will cost $5.99.

Eric Neff starts his review with this thoughts about streamers as a recent addition to your hi-fi shelf space:

The last few years have seen the rise of a new class of audio product, the network streamer. A device that will access your streaming audio account without the need for a PC or Mac and serve up tunes via their own IOS or Android app. The goal is to mitigate any PC related hash that can interfere with your sonic journey. These units can also have a DAC on board, or they can just serve can just serve the files up to your system DAC for processing to your preamp and amp. One of the challenges for these units is that by being the new kid on the block they are subject to the fast-moving changes in the audio world. New streaming services become available. DAC chips evolve. Services like Roon and processes like MQA shake up the landscape every year or two. As an audiophile you want to make sure you are not left behind.

UPDATE: Review is online now!

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