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Coming soon: the new DMS-700 network player

The Cary Audio DMS-700 represents a significant step forward in network and internet music streaming sound reproduction, while further solidifying the DMS platform and range of products as the absolute best there is for network audio.
This new model opens a new digital development path since it’s based on a different DAC chip architecture. While the DAC is made by AKM as it was in previous generations players, in DMS-700 Cary Audio uses not a Delta-Sigma bitstream chip but a R2R (ladder) DAC. R2R architecture is tricky to implement so we designed a ‘support’ code-based DAC extension, programmed in a FPGA chip.
The DMS-700 is not in production yet and we are waiting for Cary Audio to provide availability dates for European 230V units.

UPDATE: The DMS-700 is available in EU.

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