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Amazing All-in-One: My-hiend.com reviews Cary AiOS

Many thanks to Leo Yeh for a wonderful review of our versatile All-in-one system AiOS. Excellent photography as usal, Mr. Yeh!

For my-hiend.com this is the first ever Cary Audio product on review and while Cary is famous for its tube designs this one is all about high tech digital, streaming, D to A conversion. And of course the price point is mush much less than the usual High End equipment.

Nor it is packed like a usual high end product in a bland carton. AiOS is shipped in a bright and merry white box with lots of colour and attractive text and icons. Inside the beautiful outer box there are more inner packaging which safeguards the contents very well.

Mr. Yeh is a Roon user and he was glad to find out that AiOS is Roon Ready and has full hardware MQA decoding on board. Just remember that in factory presets Roon Ready is disabled and you have to enable it using remote control.

Decoding-wise AiOS supports amazing high resolutions like 768 kHz and DSD 512. The reviewer also played Tidal MQA streams at 352.8 kHz and this high res music was rendered beautifully.

Leo Yeh and his collaborators on reviewing Cary AiOS musical performance – Ted Chen and Emma Lin — were very impressed with full-bodied natural and emotionally rich performance of the little AiOS.

You can read the full review in Chinese on Leo Yeh’s website my-hiend.com.

We will wrap up with the verdict: Best Price/performance ratio award from MY-HIEND.

We attach a gallery of images from this review for you to revel on.

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