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MA-300 Analog Bias Meter

  • MA-300 Analog Bias Meter
  • MA-300 Analog Bias Meter

About the MA-300 Analog Bias Meter

Using the MA-300 analog bias adjustment meter will simplify the procedure of adjusting the bias on any Cary Audio vacuum tube amplifier. The MA-300 has the main advantage in there is only one clearly defined needle to observe. The user will get an instant reading of the bias current without the worry of a proper scale selection or dead batteries. The MA-300 is strictly a 0-300 ma. analog reading gauge. To operate, simply plug the meter in and make your adjustments. The MA-300 comes complete with a 3 ft. cord and ¼ inch 2 conductor plug.

You can order the MA-300 from the Cary Direct store!